The Farmhouse

                     “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

–Chinese Proverb

The Flagstaff Family Farm implemented many sustainable systems such as solar power, water collection, fire safe materials and water wise practices.  We believe the innovation comes from the exchange of resources between the home and the garden.  One could not succeed without the other.
Our process began when we chose the perfect piece of raw land for the farm and took on the challenge of creating a successful relationship between the built and the unbuilt.  We drew on our combined expertise of both architecture and horticulture.
We approached our project in phases, beginning with constructing the farm buildings, then we created the garden, followed by building a small farmhouse, and then bringing the sustainable systems online.
The entire project has taken 4 years of planning and execution to date and continues to evolve strengthening the symbiosis between the natural and man-made.